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Jiali, from the day founded, dedicated in providing service in Marriage and Family law. To the Jiali family, it is our vocation, a persistence buried deep down from the heart.

Jiali Profile

Beijing Jiari Law Firm is the largest professional marriage and family law firm in China. It is located in Jianguomite Saite Building, the central business district of Beijing, with an office area of nearly 2000 square meters and a team of more than 50 people. Since its establishment, the law firm has provided free legal advice on marriage and family affairs for more than 50,000 people and handled more than 2,000 cases of marriage and family affairs, with the maximum amount of a single case reaching 1.03 billion yuan.

Since its establishment, Beijing home law firm focused on marriage and family law service, the business scope includes dating consulting business, marriage family accusing the business, the traditional marriage family litigation, family wealth inheritance planning business, practice areas around Beijing, tianjin, hebei, Shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu, jilin, heilongjiang, guangdong, guangxi, anhui, guizhou, qinghai, gansu and other places, the parties involved in China, the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries people, can provide Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian five languages.
Beijing Jiali Law Firm has more than 30 marriage and family lawyers. Yi Yi, the founding partner and director, has worked deeply in the field of marriage and family law for more than 12 years and enjoys a high professional reputation in the industry. Home manage team in both work in the trial for more than 20 years ago, a senior judge, there are a number of professional lawyer more than 10 years of senior housekeeping, all trial lawyers are dealt with at least 100 cases of marriage and family, under a lot of housework cases experience accumulated a profound academic background and rich experience in the trial, real-time grasp the overall trend of marriage and family trial across the country, be familiar with the different chores of the style, a judge can accurately grasp the direction of the case, the result of the case with keen anticipation.
The family lawyer team is made up of a "1+3" lawyer team, with senior lawyers or senior former judges as the chief case officer, practicing lawyers who handle at least 100 family cases as trial lawyers, and auxiliary lawyers and assistants. Jia Li Law Firm created the "35-step litigation process management system". From consulting to closing, each case goes through a 35-step standardized process, allowing the parties to keep in touch with the progress of the case, and allowing Jia Li lawyers to accurately control the key points of each case, so as to continuously improve the handling quality. The details to the extreme, always with artisan quality to handle the case.
In order to provide clients with better service experience, the family law firm has established a free counseling service system since its establishment, and has provided marriage and family counseling services to more than 50,000 people. In addition, the home reason people pay more attention to careful attitude and good services to the parties to a warm, a week before the date of the hearing, the lawyers handling the case will be "1 of 1" simulation for the parties before the court, covering 95% of trial to ask questions, to help the parties to the trial, and to demand the parties equipped with exclusive psychological consulting experts, for the parties to provide more warm marriage family solutions, improving working quality and experience in an all-round way.
Family managers firmly believe that only by sticking to open sharing can the marriage and family legal service industry develop better and benefit more clients who are deeply troubled by emotional marriage. Since 2017, Beijing home all over the country each year by this solicitor to deal with the typical family of case analysis, combined with the national statistics department and the civil affairs department issued marriage family class statistics, issued a white paper on "marriage and family law service industry, provide data and experience support for people in need.
Nearly 1,000 lawyers visit our firm every year. In 2018 alone, more than 600 lawyers visited our firm. Jia Li lawyers have always been committed to improving their professional ability and cooperation ability to convey the love to the clients and the industry, adhere to open sharing, to build Beijing Jia Li Law Firm into the industry's top, respected by peers, the client satisfaction of professional law firm.

Beijing Jiali law firm, only for the happiness of the family!